"Movies will make you famous. Television will make you rich. But theatre will make you good."

-Terrance Mann

Quote of the day.

About me.

I was born in Los Angeles in the "Summer of Love". (Go ahead. Go do the math.  I'll wait......) Anyway, a Los Angeles native, I was born with the difficult name, Farley, bringing me nothing but trouble.  Everyone always expected a boy to walk through the door. The height of embarrassment - but no one ever forgets me, my mom would say...

From the time I could string words together, I wanted to perform like the kids I saw on Sesame Street, Zoom, and The Electric Company.  To prove how hard this business called "show" was, my mom let me go to an audition - finally.  Guess what? They cast me in my first show! And that was that.

Performing has taken me to sticky night clubs, holy churches, cavernous theaters, poorly built stages in parks, closet sized sound studios, amusing and not so amusing amusement parks, malls, fairs, and conventions. And I'll continue to entertain until my last breath.  Jealous. You should be. No, really.

(Yep. That's right.)